Is Money Real?

‘Money isn’t real!’. This is an emphatic statement that you may have heard a rich person say before. Is there any ground to this statement, is it something only those extremely wealthy can say? To understand the meaning behind this statement we first must understand what money is. So…

What is Money?

You might think you know what money is but if you think money is the paper, we have in our wallet which we use to purchase things, then you’re in for a rude awakening. That’s not Money that is Currency. You might say ‘Wait I thought they were the same thing’. But they are not!

Difference between Money and Currency

Both Money and Currency are:

> Portable

> Durable

> Divisible

> Fungible (Interchangeable)

> A Medium of Exchange

> A Unit of Account (the standard measure for expressing the value of goods, services, and debts.)


*Money is a STORE OF VALUE! *

*Currency is NOT! *

What does this Mean?

It means that what you have in your pocket does not have any actual value. It is just useless paper. IT’S NOT REAL. ‘So how come I can use it to buy things?’ The reason you can use it to buy things is because everyone believes you can. That is the only reason that we can use currency (not money) to purchase things. But where did this belief come from? It came from the government. The government basically said that the paper they can print is money and we went along with it.

 If more people started to realize that this paper has no value and our belief is the only reason it has value, then people would start buying real money, gold and silver, as these have actual intrinsic value. Sadly, most people don’t know what is going on behind the scenes and how the government, central banks, and commercial banks are scamming them with the existence of this paper currency that they control the supply of!

So, Is Money Real?

If you believe the currency, we use on a daily basis is money then money isn’t real because money has real intrinsic value whereas the paper we have, has no value.

However, if you believe that money is money e.g., gold, then money is real.

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