How Money is Created From Nothing!

Only 1 in a million people know the hidden truth about money. How the banks get richer, and the people get poorer. Why it seems as though inflation is constantly on the rise. Where paper currency comes from and most importantly how the banks and government scam you and steal your wealth. Learning this may just change your life as you realize that we’ve been living a lie!

Money Creation Process

1. When the Government needs money to pay for things like war or public works, the Treasury, which is a part of the government, will issue a bond where they ask someone to help them pay for things.

2. The world’s largest banks then compete to loan money to the government by buying the bond that the Treasury issued. This money that the government now owes the banks become part of our national debt and guess who must help pay off our national debt? WE DO, THROUGH TAXES!

3. The Banks can then sell those bonds at a profit to the country’s central bank (in our case the European Central Bank or ECB). The ECB will then write a counterfeit cheque and give it to the banks so that the government now owes the ECB money. ‘Wait how is the cheque counterfeit, they can’t do something like that, that’s illegal’. Well, the ECB and other central banks don’t actually have an account where they take out money to loan to others. Instead what they do is heat up the printing presses and print money out of the sky. This results in more money in the economy which leads to inflation.

4. So, the Banks profit and can use their newly created money to buy even more of a country’s national debt. So the banks get richer while we get poorer as our money loses value because of the increase in the supply of money in the economy which causes inflation.

This process is where all paper currency comes from and it’s where our wealth steadily decreases as prices increase. However, paper currency only accounts for about 4 – 8% of all the currency in the world. So where do most of our world’s currency supply come from? This is a very important question that I’ll talk about in another post. The purpose of this post was to wake you up to the corruption that takes place every single day that most people don’t know exists because learning more about this will have a profound impact on your life.

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