Life as a Manchester United Fan.

2014: Early Days

I started supporting Manchester United when I was six or seven years old in 2011 after I heard that my uncle supports them… Now that I look back on that fateful day, I realize how much of a mistake I made. Born into a Chelsea family, I did not need to isolate myself like that when my mother, father, and brother all supported Chelsea. But something was calling me. Something was different about Man United, so I just decided to follow them.

2012-2013: Hell Yeah

Everything was magical during this time. Robin Van Persie and Wayne Rooney were tearing up the league while everyone was singing Glory, Glory Man United. Sir Alex won the league yet again, of course, he did, we’re Man United, and we make the league look like a farmer’s league. If anyone else won the league during Sir Alex’s era it just meant we felt bad for the other teams so we had to throw a few titles to make the league more interesting. But ultimately we were always on top. That was Sir Alex’s last season and that was the first time I witnessed Man United winning the Premier League but unfortunately, it was the last…

2013- 2022: Hell

After that, everything went to Hell. We were never the same Man United. Our next manager, I don’t even want to say his name, was sacked after 11 months (Still lasted longer than Potter though lol). We just became an average team. Plain and simple. No manager, not even Jose Mourinho could help us. We have barely won any titles and it was deemed a miracle if somehow we managed to achieve a top 4 spot. Thankfully we weren’t alone in those tough times because Arsenal was doing horribly as well so we both could be failures together.

2023: Redemption?

This season has honestly been a rollercoaster. We got an elite manager, Erik Ten Hag, who every Man United fan has gotten behind and loves. We started the season horribly, losing to Brighton and Brentford in an awful way. But after we got those games out of the way, Ten Hag completely changed our team. In his first year at the club, he won us our first trophy in six years, the prestigious Carabao Cup 😍. He has also gotten us into the top four spots and has even gotten us to a Fa Cup final against Manchester City. That man is honestly a miracle worker. However, right now it seems as though we are bottling our Champions League dreams for next season. We just lost two games in a row, one to Brighton and one to West Ham. WEST HAM of all teams! And Liverpool who have had an awful season are 1 point behind us…

If we really bottle top four to Liverpool and Manchester City win the treble, I don’t think any Man United fan will be able to recover from that.


Please Man United, don’t let us play in the Europa League again. I can’t take it anymore. And Sir Jim kindly go away, you’re a Liverpool fan in disguise.

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